Saturday, July 31, 2010


Alright, so I think we've all heard this song "Airplanes" by B.O.B. featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore. I feel as though this song (like many!) has been playing on repeat on the radio this summer and deserves a little love here.

Hold Yuh

I've never heard of this dude before, but Gyptian knows how to vibe! "Hold Yuh" is a mix of RnB and reggae that makes for a great summer chillz song!

And of course we got the Nicki Minaj remix for yuh!

It's in the Mornin

DAMN this video is sexy!!

Robin Thicke has done it again.... but this time has added Snoop Doggy Dog to the mix! I don't know how he does it, but Robin sure knows how to make a woman smile EVERY SINGLE TIME! This video reminds me a little of his sensuous "Lost Without You" video starring wife Paul Patton... but Snoop Dogg's scenes don't seem to be sexy?

Just one random thought... this might sound a little creepy but I thought in the beginning of this video that the girl in the bed was Vanessa Hudgens! Is it me, or can anyone else see the resemblance?!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Your Love

Nicki Minaj is starting to make a name for herself! After her debut in "Bedrock" with Young Money, Lil Wayne and Lloyd (what a great combo, eh?!) - who by the way, sounds very different from when I first heard her - has collaborated also with Sean Kingston and now is coming out with her own stuff. And I gotta say, me like!

Check out "Your Love" below (with the original beat from Annie Lennox's "No More I Love Yous"):

And I found this Sean Paul remix of this song... let me know what you think!

Letting Go

Dutty dutty dutty oh!

I think this is one of Sean Kingston's top songs to date, and Nicki Minaj adds enough spice to make it that much better. Although it does sound a little like RiRi's "Te Amo", c'mon, you gotta admit that it's a good song, no?

There's no official music video for it yet, so sorry for the lack of visual appeal :-P

Waving Flag

And just to go along with the World Cup theme here...

K'naan (the Canadian!... and Somalian!) came out with "Wave Your Flag" for FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

And here's the and David Guetta version...

And in the spirit of Spain's win, I give you the Spanish version featuring David Bisbal as well :-) FORCA ESPANA!

Waka Waka Wha?


Shakira came out with this fun song with African beats for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa (hence the lyrics "This time for Africa!"). She looks GORGEOUS (as always!) in this music video and shows off her dance moves and fun spirit. And lucky girl though... Gerard Piqué, the Spanish socc - ahem, football defence-man (aka hottie with a body!) makes a cameo on this one... *sigh*

Alors on Danse

So, I was in Europe a few weeks ago, you know, livin' it up Ja Rule style, and Stromae's "Alors on Danse" was playing EVERYWHERE. And what a great song this is! Especially if you're like me who can shake her booty to any beat! (The song translates to "So we dance" in case you were wondering!). Click HERE for the lyrics and the translation in case you wanna know what he's saying :)

One Life Stand

The summer has been bringing out a lot of house music and artists seem to have been catching on! "One Life Stand" by Longo and Wainwright featuring Craig Smart is yet another great hit to jam to in the club... if that's what you're looking for!

DJ's Got Us Falling in Love Again

Usher & Pitbull collaborate to make yet another summer hit that I bet hasn't played enough on your radio, right? "DJ's got us falling in love again" This is a really fun song to get down to all you summer love bugs out there!


Well looky here! Another one of Taio Cruz'ssongs makes the list! I do like this song more than "Break your Heart"... maybe because I like to throw my hands up in the air sometimes and say "AYO" when I rock the club.... sorry was that too corny?

Break Your Heart

TAIO CRUZ & LUDACRIS are breakin' hearts and takin' names! Ha ha.. ha...

Well, I'm not the BIGGEST fan of this song, but it definitely is very catchy and has been playing on the radio non-stop, so I gotta give it props for landing some good air time all summer long, right?

Find Your Love

Holler to the Canadian! Woot Woot!

Actually, to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of Drake (although he was pretty good in his Degrassi days!), but I love this song (and the video!). Doesn't the beat and his voice sound a little like Kanye's "Love Lockdown" in the beginning though? Have a listen...

Love The Way You Lie

Maybe Eminem had an influence on Rihanna's hard-coreness?

Who knows, but I'm glad Eminem seems to be back to his old angst self! I love this rap (cuz I'm also hard-core like that....) and it sounds like something that could have come out of his Slim Shady album. In the words of Borat - "I like."

Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan are featured in the video who pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend. The video delivers a strong message about domestic violence and sends out a powerful message to all (including you Chris Brown!). It seems fitting that Rihanna and Eminem are singing this song...

Te Amo

I am LOVIN' Rihanna's slow RnB beats!

"Te Amo" is one of Rihanna's sexier songs... and she even experiments with a chick in this videos! It has a sultry spanish taste to it, and she seems to really be getting into her R-rated side... and definitely a step further than her Pon de Replay days!

I'm not sure if I'm feeling this whole "look at me I'm hard core" phase Rihanna seems to be going through. OK we get it - you like rock songs, your hair cut super short like a boy's, making out with chicks and looking like your the female version of a hustler (DIVA!). We get that you THINK you're hard core. I love Rihanna when she came out as so sweet and innocent with a cool Caribbean vibe, and now her songs are just getting too mainstream for me... although "Te Amo" and "Rude Boy" do have a hint of exotic flavour to them!

What do you think?

Gaga for Gaga!

Seriously - I love this woman!

I think on Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" album, "Alejandro," "Monster," and "So Happy I Could Die" could be the best songs on this CD. I had to put all of them under one post because I love them all! Check them out below and you'll see why!




Agree to disagree? Share your thoughts!

Your Love is My Drug

You know Ke$ha comes out with a song when either the word "drug" or "whiskey" and at some point "JD" is mentioned in a song. This girl definitely knows how to party (maybe a little too hard?).

California Girls

"Greetings loved ones! Let's take a journey."

LOL Snoop Dogg cracks me up.

I think this is a pretty obvious one - not because it's the cover pic of this post.. but I don't think anyone has gone a day without hearing this song on the radio. It's fun and flirty and just a down right great summer tune to blast in your car with the top down... you know what I'm sayin'?

Hot N Fun

N.E.R.D. is back... And they're bringing Nelly Furtado with them!

It's about time we heard from both of them. This video is just as it reads - Hot N Fun. There's a lot of hippies in this video (pretty hippies at that), campfires, guitars, old school cars and parties that remind me of Austin's celebration of Eeyore's Birthday (yes, this actually exists)... and then you add N.E.R.D. to the mix and it makes the video that much more interesting.

Hello, Good Morning

Gawd I love Diddy. Don't you just love that grill? ...

But this time, we get to see THREE grills! That's right. P. Diddy teamed up with Rick Ross and is-he-outta-jail-yet? T.I.

You know, I met P. Diddy once in Miami, and he went out of his way to come and shake my hand and ask me "How ya doinnnn." And he's actually like 6 ft. 5 or something ridiculously tall. But I've loved him even more after that little encounter ;-)


Benassi & Kelis Get High

ON A SPACESHIP.... not THAT kind of high... SHEESH!

Kelis has been getting her house on lately, after "Acapella" with David Guetta and now her collaboration with Benny Bennassi on "Spaceship." It's a great song and I think Kelis fits the bill when it comes to trance and house. What do you think?

50 Cent Barely Recognizable for New Movie Role

I think he scares me more than he already did before!

Fiddy (aka 50 Cent) lost 55 lbs to play a football players diagnosed with cancer in his up and coming movie "Things Fall Apart." Now, probably most of you are wondering how he did it. Well, he definitely didn't take the healthy route. Instead, he went on a liquid diet and ran on the treadmill three times a day.... sounds like fun.... eek!

Check out the article HERE.