Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lady Gaga and Beyonce "Telephone" Duo

I KNOW - Lady Gaga and Beyonce have a SONG TOGETHER!

The song is about being too busy on the dance floor to take a call from your significant other...

Now this sounds somewhat like me when I hear my favorite song in the club and go buck-wild dancing and singing every lyric to whoever's around me.... but at least I will call you right back after my performance is up ;)

Check out the tune BELOW.. it's AWESOME.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shakira Gives it Up

This girl is on a ROLE!

After coming out with "She Wolf" and "Did it Again", Shakira has released her third single "Give it up to me", featuring none other than Weezy and Timbaland. After hearing this song a couple of times I am becoming addicted already. I think this is the better of her last two singles and is a great dancing tune.... she especially likes to dance in those black spandex... tight... things.... whatever she's hot!

Check out the song BELOW.

See the official movie video HERE.

...And if you're lookin' for a great REMIX....

Amerie is BACK With a Hot New TRACK

Amerie is back with a bang! Her best yet release "Heard 'Em All" makes me want to choreograph my own dance and perform it to my friends.... I'm telling you, it's THAT good! Below is her performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Although her performance doesn't match up to her dance-party tunes, I still love her.

Check out the official music video HERE. Watch out Beyonce, this video is HOT!

And of course Lil Weezy just had to make an appearance: